High Certainty Drug Discovery

With data from hundreds of millions of experiments, we have mapped the effects of thousands of compounds on gene expression to discover new therapies.

What we do
Finding therapeutics

Our Drug-Gene Atlas

Our premier discovery engine maps molecular structure and drug action to the whole cell transcriptome, revealing therapeutic candidates that rebalance gene expression to treat disease.

Predicting Gene Expression
In silicon, our Conductor AI models predict gene response to billions of novel compounds that can be synthesized and measured in our wet lab.
gene expressiongene expression
Capturing Gene Expression
In our lab, we screen thousands of molecules across 20,000 genes to map chemical structure to gene expression.

From Genes to Medicine — We Orchestrate Gene Expression for Therapeutic Results

Our proprietary artificial intelligence modeling suite, Conductor AI, uses our Drug-Gene Atlas to discover and predict the effects of new drugs at transcriptome scale.

We virtually screen billions of compounds for disease-modifying ability and off-target effects. Then we quickly synthesize and test new candidates in our lab to identify and derisk novel therapies. 

Our approach provides an unprecedented view of genome-wide biological activity for drug hunters.

What we do

2-5 Years Faster Than Conventional Discovery

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in a single shot
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of chemical probes
from all major drug target classes
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modeled genes
deeply characterized
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of compounds
virtually screened for every gene
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compound screens
turnaround in 6 - 9 months
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to full characterization
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target certainty
with hard genetic evidence
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root cause genes
with accelerated path to clinic
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data points
for every compound