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At Transcripta Bio, we work with leading biotechnology companies, research centers, and patient foundations to bring new small-molecule therapies to the clinic at extraordinary speed and efficiency. 

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Lead Candidates

Every partnership starts with the goal of value creation by drawing on the Transcripta Drug-Gene Atlas, with hundreds of millions of proprietary experiments already completed to jump-start the collaboration. Before each program begins, we have a complete map of every target gene of interest and how it is affected by thousands of compounds. With hundreds of already-identified opportunities and the target certainty of human genetics, Transcripta is uniquely able to achieve results for development, de-risking, and discovery of programs at high speed and high certainty.


Real and Virtual Compound Screening

How We Partner:

Partner with Transcripta to identify potential therapeutics and achieve fast time to market:

  • Immediate screening of compound libraries for thousands of indications
  • Predictive Conductor AI virtual screening of novel compounds across the chemogenic space
  • Identify off-target hazards and toxicity markers
  • Accelerated paths to market (e.g. Orphan drugs)
  • Access to screening data from similar molecules to inform experiment prioritization

As soon as 9 months (with established assays)


Full Compound Profiles and Alternatives

How We Partner:

For your existing programs, partner with Transcripta to accelerate and de-risk your programs with validation data and alternatives.

  • Inform compounds with a full transcriptomic profile
  • Identify off-target hazards and toxicity markers
  • Discover additional fast-track indications (e.g. Orphan drugs) to speed time to market
  • Identify alternative compounds for multiple shots on goal
  • Virtual Conductor AI screening for structural perturbations and alternatives with enhanced profiles

As soon as 3 months (with established assays)


Drug Development Partnerships

How We Partner:

Select new programs from our Drug-Gene Atlas for clinical development partnerships:

  • Review full datasets to select candidates for any transcriptomic target, with full profiles for thousands of actives
  • Profiles spanning nearly every chemotype and identified root cause gene
  • Heavily annotated with chemoinformatic and disease-specific data
  • Enriched with experimental data from multiple cell types
  • Orphan-designated fast-track indications and late-stage opportunities with accelerated path to market
  • Virtual Conductor AI screening for enhanced alternatives and perturbations

As soon as 6 months to IND-enabled candidates

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Transcripta Programs are High Certainty:

  • 100% target certainty
  • Full-genome data in one shot to assess off-target risk
  • Parallel imaging revealing toxicity biomarkers in early screening
  • Multiple cell models optimized for translational relevance
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Transcripta Programs are Faster:

  • Pre-validated data in our proprietary Drug-Gene Atlas
  • Cell models and assays optimized for speed
  • AI modeling suite to identify off-target effects and find novel perturbations/optimizations
  • Accelerated Phase II/III assets and fast-track orphan indication opportunities
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Transcripta Programs are Extraordinarily Capital Efficient:

  • Leverage pre-compiled Drug-Gene Atlas data and Conductor AI models
  • Validation across all genetic indications at once
  • Substantial regulatory and clinical efficiency advantages with accelerated assets and Orphan Drug indications
  • Priority Review Voucher potential
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