Orchestrating gene expression — a faster route to market

Full transcriptome characterization of drug candidates offers a complete profile of opportunities and risks.

Transcripta’s screening platform and Conductor AI predictive model unlock the value of gene expression to discover and qualify novel candidates.


Our Drug-Gene Atlas is the missing link between the worlds of molecular chemistry and the cellular transcriptome

Transcripta has the Rosetta Stone to systematically decode the rules by which drugs affect the expression of genes within the human body. We can discover and de-risk novel therapies on repeat, bringing them to market years faster and with less risk than conventional discovery methods.


Surveying a drug’s entire therapeutic target space in a single shot

Our proprietary FUNCTION-seq assay is optimized for high-throughput characterization of the full human transcriptome. With measurements of 20,000 genes per experimental condition, it provides unprecedented information about the biological effects of every drug candidate.

Biological signatures of efficacy, off-target activity, impact on pathways, and toxicity profiles are readily available simultaneously, providing clarity and speed in decision making. As an unbiased assay, FUNCTION-seq is like testing a drug against all targets simultaneously, making it an ideal assay to find new applications of existing compounds and to deeply characterize novel compounds.


Predicting gene expression from molecular structure

Our Conductor AI modeling suite predicts gene expression changes caused by compounds based on their molecular structure. First, we use Conductor AI to execute billions-scale virtual screening campaigns. Then we identify structures that modulate gene expression toward desired transcriptomic signatures. Finally, we synthesize the compounds and confirm them in our lab.  

Throughout, we optimize for molecules with therapeutic effects while also predicting off-target activity and toxicity markers. Our predictive transcriptomic approach quantifies biological risk factors early in discovery, complementing physiochemical property prediction. By directly predicting changes in gene expression, Conductor AI is able to illuminate diverse chemical structures with therapeutic potential, enabling faster and broader exploration of chemical space to discover favorable molecules.


Unprecedented Speed & Scale

Our Drug-Gene Atlas superpowers drug discovery and time to market.  We screen compounds in our high-throughput lab across the whole transcriptome with parallel discovery and full profiles of every compound. These profiles surface risk factors like off-target activity and toxicity preemptively, providing an opportunity to optimize around these hazards. 

Then in virtual screening with Conductor AI, novel compounds can be predicted where benefits are dialed in and risks are screened out. 

Our dataset creates a more efficient discovery pipeline, integrating with data sources to identify fast paths to market including genetically-defined rare and orphan designated indications. And our approach extends to transcriptional repression and other modalities, identifying differentiated approaches to go after high-priority targets and diseases in larger disease areas. The result is that Transcripta can discover dozens of treatments at 10X capital efficiency and with higher certainty.

A faster path to the clinic begins at Transcripta. 

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